Local Meetings

Local Meetings

Cellphones and emails have revolutionized communication, but there is still no better way for a group of people to exchange information, debate issues, and find common cause than during face-to-face meetings.

Attending local meetings is the best way to make the most of your union membership. Most locals hold between six and 10 meetings a year; some locals hold more, some locals hold less.

NSGEU encourages all members to attend their local meetings and do our best to make that easy for you. That’s why the union reimburses (at set rates) mileage and child- and elder-care expenses you incur to attend your local meeting.

At a local meeting, you can:

  • Share workplace issues and concerns
  • Meet other co-workers and learn about their concerns
  • Vote for: your local executive, stewards, bargaining committee members, regional and occupational councillors, delegates to the biennial NSGEU convention, your health and safety representatives, your local district labour council representatives, and your labour/management committee representatives.
  • Discover how other members of your local are developing leadership skills through union education and participation.

When is My Next Local Meeting?

As a member in good standing of an NSGEU local, you have the right to attend and participate in your local meetings. To find out when and where your next local meeting is taking place, check nsgeu.ca or contact us (424-4063, 1-877-556-7438, inquiry@nsgeu.ca). Even better, ask one of your local stewards.