Become A Member

The Benefits of NSGEU Membership

You are a member of the NSGEU if:
You have signed a membership card which has been received and accepted by the union.

You are a member in good standing as long as:
You are not in arrears of your dues more than three (3) months; you are employed in an NSGEU bargaining unit; and you have not been suspended or expelled in accordance with the provisions of the NSGEU Constitution.

Your membership entitles you to:

  • Be represented by the union;
  • Be treated with dignity and respect within the union;
  • Participate fully in the decision-making of the NSGEU (which includes being able to vote during your local meetings and in the election of your local officers and NSGEU council and committee reps);
  • Vote on your tentative collective agreement;
  • Have direct input into the bargaining priorities of your local by filling out a “bargaining input survey”;
  • Receive bargaining and other updates concerning your local;
  • Access to NSGEU’s Discount List, which offers savings from dozens of stores and services around the province including Marks Work Wearhouse and a variety of hotels and car rental agencies. (For the Discount List, see or contact us at 902-424-4063, 1-877-556-7438, or;
  • Access to MHCSI Preferred Pharmacy Provider Program (aka Lawton’s Card). (For more information, see or contact us at 902-424-4063, 1-877-556-7438, or;
  • Apply for NSGEU scholarships, bursaries, or awards for yourself or your dependents;
  • Receive a copy of The Union Stand, NSGEU’s magazine.

If you have not yet signed your membership card, please contact us (902-424-4063, toll-free 877-556-7438, or and an application will be mailed to you with a postage-paid return envelope. Just fill it out, send it in, and you will be mailed your NSGEU membership card. We have a strict privacy policy; your personal information will not be shared.

Your union dues
All members of NSGEU benefit from our strength and experience at the bargaining table. Members of the local all have a vote in whether or not their local will go on strike. And all members pay union dues of 1.25 per cent of your gross annual earnings as identified by your collective agreement (dues are not assessed on overtime, pay premiums, or allowances).

Your dues are tax deductible.

Lost your membership card?
If you have misplaced your NSGEU membership card, contact us (902-424-4063, 1-877-556-7438, and we’ll send you a replacement.